Our Promise
CMI is committed to manufacture Quality and cost effective products to satisfy our wide range of customers and ensure timely supplies. We strive as a team for continual improvements in all areas of operations with regular reviews aimed at total customer satisfaction. In brief CMI not only promises but delivers. Quality and time have been essence of our supplies to wide ranging satisfied customers.
Our People
The company has a team of qualified managers at various levels led by professional management and experienced work force to meet the dreams of the company. Development of new products and serving more customers is a continual process.SS

Welcome to CMI Limited an ISO 9001 accredited company, originally established in 1967, as Chaudhari Metal Industries, started business of trading in copper Rods/wires, has witnessed a tremendous growth in its production, has been pioneer in development of various types of cables in the field of Telecommunication, Railways and other specialty cables in the Country to meet requirement of Core sectors in Infra structure Development and is continuously marching ahead to break new ground of excellence.

The diversity of demand of CMI cables has been multiplying/ multifaceted. Right from Heavy vehicles to Railways and underground Metro Rail System, from telecommunication to satellite launching, from heavy petrochemical plants and Oil Refineries to Power generating Stations/ distribution, from irrigation to shipbuilding and Steel Plants etc.. There is hardly any sector left uncovered.

  ISO 9001
  BIS for IS 1554 (Part I)
  BIS for IS 694
  BIS for IS 7098 (Part - I)
  BIS for IS 14255 (Part - I)
  Railway Signalling Cables
  Railway PIJF Telecom Cables
  Railway Quad Cable (0.9m)
  Railway Quad Cable (1.4mm)
  EIL for Control Cables
  EIL for Signal Cables
  EIL for Fire Alarm & communicationn Cables
  BSNL PIJF Telecom Cable
  NPCIL for Control Instrumentation
  NSIC Certificate
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