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Aerial Bunched Cables

Aerial Bunched Cables (ABC) is used for Over Head Power distribution. Aerial Bunched Cables provides higher safety and reliability. This system is ideal for rural distribution and especially attractive for installation in difficult terrains such as hilly, forest & coastal areas etc. In moister climates, tree growth is a significant problem for overhead power lines. Aerial bundled cables will not arc over if touched by tree branches.


Construction HD AL / AL Alloy / Cu, XLPE / PVC / PE Insulated, Messenger/ Insulation specially formulated for exposure to sunlight and Outdoor Application, MV Cables XLPE Insulated & Screened, Cores are PVC Sheathed.
Voltage Grade 1 kV to 33 kV
Size 16 sq mm to 400 sq mm
Referred standards IS:14255, BS:7870-5, BS:625, HD:626, VDE:00276, PART 626, IEC:60502-1&2, NFC:33-209, BS:6485, IS:398 PART-4, IS:7098 PART-1, IS:1554 P-1


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