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MV/HV Power Cables

Medium and High -voltage cable (MV/HV cable) are specially designed and manufactured for use with a voltage from 10kV up to 220 kV. Conductors for MV and HV power are made with copper, aluminum and related alloys; when they are up to 1200 sq. mm their configuration is circular compacted and stranded.


Construction 1 & 3 Core: Al/Bare Cu, Semicon/PVC or XLPE Insulated/Semicon/ Water Swellable Tape/ Armoured/Unarmoured, HR PVC/ LSZH / FRLS / FR / HDPE Inner & Outer Sheath.
Voltage Grade 3.8/6.6 kV, 6.35/11 kV (E), 11/11 kV (SE), 12.7/22 kV (E),19/33 kV (E), 33/33 kV (UE)
Size 25 sq mm to 1000 sq min for Single core & 400 sq mm for 3 core
Referred standards IS:1554-(P-2), IS:7098(P-2), IEC:60502-2, BS:6622, & RELEVANT NFC, IS:7098(P-3)


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