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Railway Cables

Railway cables are very important for Railways. These cables take care of the current supply on board or in the base of the rail, various control tasks, data transmission or if a complete cable network is required – in all fields cables for highest performance requirements are needed. These cables are halogen free, flame retardant and self-extinguishing and are not allowed to enhance flame propagation.


Size Quad Cable, Control cable upto 100 core & up to 4C x 630 sq.mm 5 Pairs upto 200 pairs and size 0.5 mm/ 0.63 mm/0.9mm 107 sq.mm and above up to 193 sq.mm, Up to 37 strands
Referred standards IRS TC 30/05, RDSO/SPN/TC/72/07, IRS S 63/2014, IRS S 76/89 IRS TC 41/97, IRS S 63/2014, IS: 1554(Part 1), IS: 7098 (Part 1), ETI/OHE/76(6/97), ETI/ OHE/50(6/97
Different Types of Railway Cables
Balise Cables
Railways and Metros
Axle Counter Quad Cables
Railways and Metros
Axle Counter Cables
Railways and Metros
Railway Signalling & Power Cables
Railways and Metros
Hard Drawn Copper Contact Wires
Railways and Metros
Incorporate Indoor & Outdoor Signalling & Power Cables
Railways and Metros
Low-Smoke Zero Halogen Cables
Railways and Metros, Building Construction & Infra
Catenary Wire
Railways and Metros


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