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Rubber Cables (Elastomeric)/trailing Cables/composite Cables

The Elastomeric cables are popularly known as Rubber cables and probably the first type insulation in the world. Generally Elastomeric cables are suitable for operation at a temp up to 90 deg. C and silicon rubber cables are suitable for operation upto 150/180 deg.


Construction Bare Cu/Tinned Cu, VIR/EPR/CSP/SILICON/EVA/BUTYYL/SBR Insulated TRS/ PCP/CSP/NBR PVC/EVA Inner & Outer Sheathed.
Voltage Grade 1.1 kV to 11 kV
Size 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C,- 0.5 sq mm to 630 sq mm
3.5C— 25 sq mm to 400 sq mm and as per client's requirement
Referred standards 15:9968 (P-1 & 2), IS:14494,IEC-60502-1 & 2, IEC:60092-350,VDE:250, BS:6007, BS:7919, BS:6195, NCB:118, NES & DEFSTAN, RDSO Specification, NEK-606, BS:6883
Different Types of Rubber Cables (Elastomeric)/trailing Cables/composite Cables
Welding Cables
Submersible Cables


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